The foundation pour took place on October 23. Concrete trucks from town huffed and puffed their way up to this mountain spot. Steve and his crew guided the pour and smoothed out the concrete, ensuring an even surface for the foundation. These pictures were taken a few days later, while a crew member worked hard to ensure the surface would not dry out. The wooden forms will be removed once the foundation is set. Now the next stage begins: window and door bucks and the laying of the first rows of adobes.

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Fall is on the way up here in the mountains. The green of the summer is giving way to tall tan grasses and the last splurge of wildflower color.


Breaking ground is one of the most exciting steps in building a new house. It provides the strongest evidence so far that the project is really happening. If it is feasible for them, most new home owners will be onsite during ground-breaking and foundation pouring because they are exciting processes. In the pictures below, you can see the footings that have been carved out of the ground by the Earth Mover (or backhoe) and the wooden forms for the pouring of the foundation are being put in place. This is an important step in the project and is now done.

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It is difficult to capture the sunrise out here sometimes. The light is so delicate and it changes by the second.

The Next House

Rainbow Adobe has embarked on its next project: another beautiful home in Sierra La Rana.

Site preparation has begun. The well and water tanks are in place. Electrical has been installed. Equipment is on site; the Bobcat and the Earth Mover are ready to begin making things happen. Dirt has been hauled up to the site and you can see the outline of the house taking shape on the ground.

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Stay tuned for more news as this project develops!

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